Online Blackjack Game – Tips on How to Play and Win Easily


With the advancement in technology, playing online games became more interesting compared to actual casino games. Many online blackjack sites like help you play the game with real-time experience like the ones in a casino. The online game is becoming more popular as they have their own advantages like accessibility and affordability. There is no need to travel to a real casino and stand in a crowd to play the blackjack games. It can be played from home with snacks with the help of internet.

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Blackjack strategies and tips to play

The online blackjack game is easy to play but it might take some time if you’re a beginner. Hence,it’s important to know some of the techniques in order to win the game.

  • Split the aces pair: Having identical cards have the advantage of splitting into two. But not everyone has good chances in splitting. Hence, if you have a pair of aces or 8’s, then you can split them so that the aces with the sum of 12 becomes 21 twice. But in the case of getting a pair of 8’s, then it becomes worse as the chances are getting 18 twice.
  • Having pairs of 6 or 10? Do not split: It’s the most important tip that getting a pair of 6 and splitting them will lead you to the worst scenario.Also, splitting a 10 is equal to 20 and hence,it’s not advised.
  • Do not take insurance: However, this is not possible while playing online blackjack but it plays a major role when playing the game in casinos. It’s nothing but the counting of cards which cannot be done during playing online games.
  • Dealer bust: The dealer bust is common if he has a card between 4 and 6. You can pick the extra card if you have a soft hand, as you cannot bust.

Apart from this, there are many strategies through which online blackjack can be won. Some of them include smart calculations and checking the probability while playing. At the brim of winning, most tend to forget the probability and surprisingly, lose the game. Hence,it’s important to play carefully to save money and the bets placed. Overconfidence will not make you win and the thing to follow is probability and smartness.

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